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Welcome to JT Elements - The Revised Edit


What an eventful last few weeks......months....How are you coping? I would be lying if I said it has been all skittles and roses, it is certainly challenging times, but who doesn’t love looking for opportunities in challenging times.

"Every great story starts somewhere." I began 2020 with a renewed vision for JT Elements. I have no firm destination, just an ever evolving journey, continually understanding my purpose and what I am being called to do. Through living my best life, supporting those who support me, discovering opportunities and unleashing potential, these are my stories, should you want to read, inspiration, should you feel the need to be inspired and even joining me, should you want to unleash your potential.

I am in total appreciation of the businesses and community group leaders in the past 4 years who have contributed to my journey so far. I have had the privilege of crafting so many awesome projects. As a part of the ever evolving journey, I will continue fine tuning my services and looking at how I can continue to best support businesses and organisations to be the best versions of themselves.

Your future belongs to you!

Introducing JT Elements - The Revised Edit.

My services remain the same (creative design, administration, digital, print and signage and business support & development) however with a refreshed look, new additions and a strong focus on integrated marketing and mentoring.

In unprecedented times like now, we need to understand our customers and how to deliver value (through discovery & creation) to be able to pivot our businesses to remain strong and relevant.

I am super proud of the monumental shift some of my clients have made as a result of the current environment in the past few months, makes my heart swell. If you have project that requires the JT Elements touch, let’s meet!

Together we will discover how we can craft your unique voice, continue to stay relevant and create seamless customer experiences with your brand, products and services by styling each element of your business.

Time to unleash your potential.

Please reach out on 0438 817 435 or


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