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unleash your business potential

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I'm JT

A business stylist, marketing lover and optimist dedicated to helping your business become the best version of itself.

Whether you’re starting out or growing your business.  I'm here to help you craft and integrate seamless solutions into your business to ensure brand consistency and unique customer experiences, from initial concept to completion.  I operate with the holistic approach that marketing is at the core of your business.  

"It is never about what it is but the endless possibilities to what it can be."

- Julie Trenaman

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Julie from JT elements is the best investment we made for our business.  Her creative, knowledgeable and business minded approach is integral to what we do and I highly recommend her marketing and business skills to anyone in any industry.  We feel very lucky to have you in our corner helping us along the way, you are very approachable and understand the pillars of our business and share the direction we are going.  We would not be where we are now without you. 

Thanks again for all you have done and are doing.

Renee F, Motel on Becker/52Double Six Cafe


JT Elements Vision


There are as many opportunities as there are moments in each day, seize potential.  Your future belongs to you.  This, right here, is where your tomorrows are built. Lets make it happen.

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