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Community Marketing Strategy

Discover Kingston SE is a dynamic initiative dedicated to showcasing Kingston SE. We are change-makers, creators, sole traders, partnerships, companies, volunteers, community groups, operators, and family businesses. Though diverse in our endeavors, we share a common goal: to support and service the local Kingston SE community.  We are here to drive visibility, economic growth, community support and long-term success!

Why Discover Kingston SE?

Since 2017, Discover Kingston SE has been passionately working towards growing our following.  We not only want to connect people with Kingston SE and what we have to offer but we want people to discover our potential, whether you live here or are visiting.

Why is a community marketing strategy important?

Enhanced Local Visibility: By increasing the digital presence of local businesses and community groups, a community marketing strategy ensures that both residents and visitors are aware of the wide range of services and products available within the community. This visibility drives local engagement and support.

Economic Growth: A focused marketing strategy can attract new businesses, tourists, and residents, contributing to a stronger local economy. Highlighting Kingston SE as a desirable destination and lifestyle choice can lead to increased spending in the area, benefiting all community members.

Community Support and Cohesion: It promotes collaboration and communication among local businesses, organisations and residents. This unity fosters a supportive environment where everyone works together towards common goals and strengthening community bonds.

Resource Optimisation:  For small businesses and community groups with limited marketing budgets, a community marketing strategy offers cost-effective advertising solutions. By pooling resources and efforts, participants can achieve greater impact without incurring prohibitive costs.

Increased Awareness and Engagement: Regular promotion of local events, services and businesses raises awareness and encourages more active participation from community members. This engagement not only boosts morale but also drives the success of local initiatives and businesses.

Support Local Culture: Promoting  a “support local” culture encourages residents to prioritise local businesses and services. This cultural shift ensures that money spent within the community stays within the community, further fueling economic growth and stability.

Development Opportunities: A community marketing strategy opens up avenues for growth and development. By providing platforms for education, networking and collaboration, it empowers business and community leaders to innovate and expand their reach.

Long-term Sustainability: Sustainable communities are built on the success of their local economies. A robust marketing strategy ensures that local businesses and groups are not only surviving but thriving, securing the community’s future prosperity.

If you lead and/or manage a business, community group, non-profit organisation or hobby business in Kingston SE, Cape Jaffa or Mt Benson, Our 12-month multi-media marketing membership is for you!

Grow Your Opportunities: Expand your reach and attract new customers or members through our comprehensive online directory and targeted marketing campaigns.

Save Money on Advertising: Participate in cost-effective advertising campaigns designed to maximise your visibility without breaking the bank.


Be Seen: Ensure your business or organisation stands out with enhanced exposure to both locals and visitors through our multi-media marketing efforts.

Raise the Profile of Kingston SE: Contribute to a collective effort to highlight Kingston SE as a premier lifestyle and destination choice, drawing more visitors and residents to the area.

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