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JT Elements

Crafting Dreams, one pixel and one process at a time

JT Elements was born from a confluence of my innate flair for creativity, a desire to spend more precious moments with my daughter, the desire to learn, a childhood dream, a desire to help my community grow and after a frustrating morning, on the counter of my local café whilst getting my coffee was a book “Start Today”.  On the second page it read “dive deep, uncover the dream you’ve been hiding like a pearl and lift it to the surface, let it shine”..... so I did just that and here we are 8 years later!

Start Today

What drives mission, my values

At JT Elements, our mission is clear: to work closely with small businesses and community organisations (mainly within my local community of Kingston SE and Limestone Coast Region), helping them grow and elevate the caliber of their brand, services and products, ultimately making our region a great place to work, play and live.  By providing a comprehensive suite of marketing services, I aim to unleash the full potential of each client, ensuring they can focus on their business and customers while I handle the marketing magic.

Be the change

Take ownership of your own growth

A passion for Making a Difference

The projects I choose to accept are driven by a passion for making a difference, no matter how small. I take the time to understand each client's needs and tailor packages that foster growth and success.  As a one-stop marketing studio, I handle all aspects of marketing, allowing my clients to focus on what they do best—delivering value to their customers.

My Journey

I was a small-town country girl with a big vision: moving to the city, owning a briefcase and owning a work uniform. No matter the role, I was determined to excel and make my mark.  

Before founding JT Elements, I amassed a wealth of experience as a Bank Manager (10 years), an Office Manager (2 years) and a Motor Claims Officer (3 years).  I have worked for major corporations to family owned and operated.

Along with studying an MBA, these roles equipped me with the knowledge, experience and drive to take this leap into entrepreneurship. My background has ingrained in me a customer-centric approach, strong operations and process management skills and an unwavering commitment to building trust—all of which are at the heart of effective marketing.

At JT Elements, I believe in the transformative power of creativity.  Let's dive deep, uncover the hidden pearls within your business and lift them to the surface to let them shine. Ready to take your brand to the next level? Let’s create something extraordinary together.

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